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Note: If printed, it is suggested to print the manual as double-sided pages for optimal use.

 Second Edition (2021)

 Thomas Chouvenc, Ellen Thoms, Sean Brantley, and William H. Kern, Jr.

 Executive editor and contributor Rudolf H. Scheffrahn

 Structural fumigation to control pest species is very technical process that must be performed safely anc accurately. Fumigators in Florida are therefore required to be certified by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to be allowed to perform a fumigation. Because regulations are complex and extensive, The Florida Fumigation Manual has been prepared in collaboration with the FDACS, professionals from the industry and faculties at the University of Florida, so that individuals who wish to take the state examination can prepare accordingly. Because Federal and State regulations change over time, this document will be updated as necessary.

Old Version (2005) of Manual is still available here

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School of Structural Fumigation:

Two sessions are offered each year.

Registration proceeds on a first-come, first serve basis.
When one session is full, you will only be allowed to register for the other session.

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