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Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center

Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center

Send Samples

Help us, so we can help you!

We rely on anyone who collect termite samples and provide us with relevant information.

How to find termites?

Structure infestation

If you find termite activity in a structure or a tree, please collect the insects with the soldier caste, if possible. Sign of infestation includes powder post accumulation (drywood termites) or mud tub (subterranean termites)

Swarming event

If you find a termite alate or dealate during one of the dispersal flights, you can collect the insect, as many species are attracted to light at dusk.

Once collected, you can place the sample into a small vial with alcohol or in a Ziploc bag. Please make sure the samples don’t get crushed during the shipping by using a padded envelop, small box, etc.

Send samples- termite samples

Termite Samples in alcohol-filled vials. Send samples to:

Termite ID Team

Ft Lauderdale Research and Education Center

University of Florida IFAS

3205 College Ave.

Davie FL, 33314 USA.