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Bachelor of Science

Students wishing to major in Geomatics for their BS can be admitted in two ways:

  • as a freshman immediately after completing high school
  • as a transfer student after earning 60 or more transferable college credits from a community college, junior college, or other 4-year university. An Associate of Arts degree (AA) from a Florida institution is encouraged as it will satisfy all UF general education requirements. A list of prerequisite tracking courses which can be incorporated into the AA degree must be completed prior to admission without exception.

The current undergraduate catalog for the BS Geomatics degree can be found here. The tracking course page provides more details on the tracking courses necessary for enrollment in the Geomatics program at the University of Florida. Information is provided on the necessary tracking courses from local colleges including Broward College, Miami Dade College, Palm Beach State College, Florida SouthWestern State College, and Florida Keys College.

  • Specializations

    There are two specializations for the BS degree in Geomatics:

    1. Geospatial Analysis
    2. Surveying and Mapping

    The Geospatial Analysis specialization offers a broader set of courses in GIS and 3-D modeling.

    The Surveying and Mapping specialization is accredited by ABET and prepares students for entry into the Surveying and Mapping profession.

  • Geomatics Certificate

    The 15-credit Geomatics Certificate from the University of Florida is another way for students to take Geomatics courses. This certificate program is geared towards students currently working in the Geomatics profession who posses a Bachelors degree in a non-Geomatics major. More information on the certificate program can be found here.