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Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center

Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center

Dr. Rudolph H. Scheffrahn: Research:


My graduate studies focused on the chemical ecology of drywood termite feeding deterrents and the defensive secretions of desert termites. My first taxonomic paper on termites (with Dr. Mike Rust) was a 1983 redescription of Tenuirostritermes cinereus from Texas. Since then, I have authored or coauthored dozens of taxonomic works on many termite groups from all over the world. Unbelievably for such an important insect Order, I am currently the only termite taxonomist in North American.  Other research directly or indirectly related to termites includes fumigant efficacy and residue analysis, termite prevention and control, and cooperative research projects with many colleagues in disciplines other than Entomology including Molecular Taxonomy, Nematology, Protozoology, Microbiology, Geomatics, Primatology, and Archeology (see references below).

  • Termite Collection

    I have had the opportunity to assemble the largest contemporary collection (post-1985) in the world with over 41,000 colony samples (University of Florida Termite Collection, Davie, FL) acquired during over 100 expeditions to 39 countries. Without the great field support of many colleagues this collection would not have been possible. Professionals from the pest control industry have also contributed many valuable structure-infesting specimens to the collection. Collection data are digitized and can be sorted and mapped for any purpose. Over 1,000 samples have been submitted for CO1 sequencing to the Barcode of Life Data Systems for clarification of morphological variation within new termite genera and species. School of Structural Fumigation.

Since 2004, I have coordinated the UF School of Structural Fumigation which is an annual weeklong professional training program. Over 1,200 students have attended this unique program from all over the world.



3205 College Ave Davie FL 33314
Davie West Room 222

Research Publications