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Graduate Admissions

Graduate admission is a collaborative effort between the University of Florida Office of Admissions, School of Forest, Fisheries, and Geomatics Sciences (SFFGS), and if applicable, the University of Florida International Center (UFIC). Our websites are:

  1.  University of Florida Office of Admissions
  2.  School of Forest, Fisheries, & Geomatics Sciences; and the
  3. University of Florida International Center.

If you log into, you may view your UF application status from the perspective of the UF Office of Admissions. Once that department has a complete application packet on you, your application is evaluated.  If the UF Office of Admissions recommends admission, then SFFGS has authorization to evaluate your application related to offering you admission into our Geomatics graduate program.

To evaluate your background, SFFGS requires that your application materials include:

  1. The University of Florida Graduate School application (complete this online and Amy Abernethy ( retrieves it within the UF system);
  2. One page essay stating your research interests and background (typically this is included with the application that’s submitted on-line);
  3. An SFFGS Geomatics faculty member (Dr. Hochmair at the Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center) who has agreed to serve as your advisor and committee chair;
  4. Transcript copies from previously attended colleges or universities;
  5. TOEFL test score (if applicable);
  6. Three letters of recommendation from scientists in the field of research you desire to pursue who can to attest to your ability to pursue graduate studies. (These may be submitted online. When you complete the application process, your are given instructions on how this is done.); and
  7. Curriculum vitae/resume.

Please include on your application the following:

  • The degree program you wish to pursue (PhD applicants must possess a Masters degree)
  • The Area of Concentration (Geomatics)
  • Your faculty contact (Dr. Hochmair at FLREC)

For Fall admission related to consideration for a Graduate Assistantship, SFFGS needs the items above by January of the same year.

Admission into our graduate program does require that you have a faculty member who has agreed to serve as chair of your graduate committee.  If you have not begun the process of securing a faculty advisor, then please use to match a faculty member’s research area with your interests. The best method to contact faculty including Dr. Hochmair ( is to send him an email and attach your essay, resume, and transcript copies. If you do not have a faculty contact on your application, then once Amy Abernethy has items 1-7 listed above, she will distribute the application packet to relevant faculty.

The UF Office of Admissions will need official copies of your transcripts and TOEFL test scores (if applicable).  When you submit your online application, you have the option to apply to up to three academic units.  All three academic units will have access to your online application in addition to the official documents that you arrange to have sent to UF.

The University of Florida  Office of Admissions receives over 10,000 applications a year. For this reason, they encourage students to begin the application process at least one year in advance.