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Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center

Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center

FLREC History

The FLREC was founded in 1953 at the current site of Heritage Park in Plantation, FL (Broward County).  The program was moved in 1968 to its current location at Forman Field, a Naval Air Training Facility (3205 College Avenue). In 1942 the Forman family allowed the Navy to build a training field for pilots.  When the Navy left, the Forman family decided the land would be used to create an educational complex.  In 1962 Nova High School was built followed by the UF FLREC in 1968.

 In the last decade, the acreage at the center has been reduced by ~35 acres (down to ca 65 total acres). About 20 acres were transferred (not sold) to Florida Atlantic University, which resulted in a new greenhouse/shadehouse/headhouse complex for the FLREC plus occupation of ca 12,000 ft2 in the FAU Davie West building (3233 College Avenue) with a 50-year sublease agreement (May 2011-May 2061). Subsequently, the Town of Davie bought 15 acres of FLREC land for a new Water and Sewage Treatment Facility (completed in Nov. 2013). A quarter of those funds (ca $1.4 million) were used to renovate the east wing of the original FLREC 5001 building (30,000 ft2 built/expanded in 1968/1981), the teaching building (5002), and to add a new pavilion in 2011

1973 ariel photo
February 1977
Forman Building dedication 1981