About Us

The University of Florida Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center (UF/FLREC/IFAS) is located in Davie (Broward, FL). There are four Entomologists dedicated to termite research and extension. This website provides information about the different termites found in Florida, and allows anyone with termite samples to identify the species and help determine the distribution of the major termite pest species throughout the state.

In addition to the scientific research conducted, our mission is to provide information for homeowners and professionals to make informed decisions. Contact us or visit the FLREC website. We do not provide termite control services.

The Termite Team at FLREC

‌‌‌‌About us- Scheffrahn

Rudolf H. Scheffrahn
Professor, Entomology

‌ ‌‌‌About us- Su

Nan-Yao Su
Distinguished Professor, Entomology

 ‌‌‌About us- Kern

William H. Kern
Associate Professor, Urban Entomology


Thomas Chouvenc
Research Assistant, Entomology