Mobile Mapping

Mobile Mapping Beneath Forest Canopy: System Development and Application


Develop a mobile terrestrial mapping system for use in a forested environment

Research Team

Adam Benjamin, Tolee Mamatas, Ahmed Mohamed, Ben Wilkinson


The development and application of a Mobile Mapping System (MMS) beneath forest canopy is investigated. Contemporary forest managers are challenged to make efficient decisions in a short amount of time and based on as much information as possible. Terrestrial MMS can provide this geospatial data at reasonable cost and fast turn-around time. MMS development onboard an All-Terrain Vehicle was explored first through integration and testing of the georeferencing (GPS/INS) and imaging subsystems. To determine the impact that forest canopy had on GPS signal reception and positioning, the relationship between GPS positioning precision and canopy density was analyzed. In areas where MMS position and orientation precision was poor, vision-aiding was explored as a means for improving these navigation parameters for future mapping applications. Through simulation and processing of field collected data sets, a vision-aiding algorithm was developed to improve the position and orientation of the MMS.


In progress

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