Graduate Geomatics Courses

Course syllabi available here

Course # Credit Hours Title Instructors Semesters Offered Course Description
GIS 6103 3 GIS Programming and Customization Hochmair Fall even years Scripting, object oriented programming, syntax of .NET language C#, ArcObjects structure, Visual Studio programming environment
GIS 6116 3 Geographic Information Systems Analysis Abd-Elrahman, Hochmair Spring annually Analytical tools such as software grid modules, database query, map algebra, and distance operations; analytical operations such as database query, derivative mapping, and process modeling; sources and nature of uncertainty and error, and project planning management.
SUR 5365 3 Digital Mapping Hochmair Fall odd years Methods of digital representation of maps, coordinate development, digitizing, stereocompilation, scanning, remote sensing, hardware and software systems, file conversion, integration into GIS, and attribute development.
SUR 5385 3 Remote Sensing Applications Smith Fall annually Review of remote sensing systems, image classification methods, mapping applications, integration of remotely sensed data into GIS, application of data for variety of spatial
SUR 5386 3 Image Processing for Remote Sensing Abd-Elrahman Spring annually Optical Radiation Model, Digital Image Characteristics/Formation, Radiometric and geometric corrections, spatial and frequency transforms, thematic information extraction, hyperspectral image processing/classification, LiDAR
SUR 5525 3 Least Squares Adjusted Computations Hochmair Spring annually Implementation of least squares solutions for survey-mapping and GIS applications, time and storage optimization; error analysis, initial approximation generation; robust estimations; and computer programming.
SUR 6375 3 Terrain Analysis and Mapping Faculty Instructor discretion Digital and visual methods, interpretive techniques to identify landforms, soils, and potential site analysis problems from aerial photography and digital maps.
SUR 6377 3 Geospatial Applications of Small UAS Wilkinson Fall annually Introduction to a broad range of issues associated with civilian UAS mapping including business, regulatory, operational, and hardware considerations.
SUR 6395 3 Topics in GIS Abd-Elrahman Fall annually Database development, economic impact of GIS, development of standards, integration of data sets, hardware and software developments, and advances in GIS technology. Prereq: consent of instructor.
SUR 6427 3 Land Tenure and Administration Faculty Spring odd years Issues and problems, and design of projects to address these problems in developing countries.
SUR 6502C 3 Foundations of UAS Mapping Benjamin, Britt, Thomas Spring annually Introduction to the fundamental components of small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) (e.g., GPS/GNSS, inertial systems, lidar, cameras) and how they function together to produce high resolution, spatially accurate planimetric maps and 3D models of the terrain
SUR 6535 3 GPS-INS Integration Faculty Instructor discretion Principles of inertial navigation and its integration with GPS; coordinate frames, modeling linear motion and rotational motion, mechanization of inertial navigation sensor measurements, space state representation of system errors and linear state equations.
SUR 6536 3 Geodesy & Geodetic Positioning Hochmair Fall annually Introduction to geometric and physical geodesy, ellipsoids, geodetic lines, computation or position, gravity and coordinate systems. Course capstone project required.
SUR 6905 3 Independent Study Project Faculty Any semester Individual study of a selected topic in Geomatics as contracted with the instructor at the start of the term.
SUR 6934 3 Analytical Photogrammetry Wilkinson Fall annually Precise photogrammetric measurements, camera calibration, object space coordinate systems, analytical control extension, stereoplotter mapping, digital mapping and softcopy stereoplotters. Course capstone project required.
SUR 6940C 3 Practicum in UAS Mapping Broadbent & Wilkinson Summer annually Hands-on practical experience with UAS flight planning, UAS operations, and UAS image processing