Non-Degree Seeking Application Instructions

The following instructions are for the online non-degree seeking application.

  • Credits earned in non-degree status CAN be applied towards a degree (BS, MS, PhD) under certain circumstances.
  • Credits earned in non-degree status CANNOT be applied towards a certificate.

Therefore, if you intend to apply for a certificate (e.g., Geomatics – undergrad, Geospatial Analysis – grad), then contact us at for the appropriate certificate application instructions.

Non-Degree Application Instructions

To complete the non-degree application:

  • Visit
  • Choose the year in which you intend to apply for (e.g., 2021)
  • For the Non-Degree Course Request tab, select “Non-Degree Special Program”, “College of Agriculture and Life Sciences”, Term of Registration (e.g., Fall), and “Distance Geomatics coursework” under Special Program.
  • Write the name of your requested course (e.g., SUR5386 Image Processing for Remote Sensing) in the “Explain” box.
  • Complete the rest of the application
  • Non-degree apps process through multiple departments. When they get to the program level, Sandra Houder ( will assist you with finalizing registration.