Certificate (Graduate) – Geospatial Analysis

The 9-credit Geospatial Analysis Graduate Certificate is an option for graduate students to expand their skills in geodata analysis. The courses are offered to both on-campus and online students.  Areas of emphasis include geographic information science, remote sensing, image analysis, geostatistics, GIS programming/scripting, web mapping, data visualization, and spatial modeling.

Required Courses:

  • GIS6116 GIS Analysis (Spring) – 3 credits, letter graded
  • SUR5386 Image Processing for Remote Sensing (Spring) – 3 credits, letter graded

One of the following:

  • SUR5365 Digital Mapping (Fall odd years) – 3 credits, letter graded
  • GIS6103 GIS Programming and Customization (Fall even years) – 3 credits, letter graded

To enroll:

  • Students must apply for admission here: http://www.admissions.ufl.edu/start.html
  • Students must earn a grade of B or better in each certificate course
  • Students must “apply to complete” their certificate during the last semester of certificate coursework

Credits earned in the certificate program can seamlessly transfer into a Master of Science degree program. Please contact UF FLREC Geomatics Specialist, Adam Benjamin, for more information on enrollment.