Dennis Zielstra

PhD, Alumnus

Dennis Zielstra


  • PhD, Geomatics Concentration, University of Florida, 2014
    • Dissertation Title:  Assessing the Quality, Suitability and Usability of User Generated Content for Routing Applications
  • German Diplom (Equivalent to BS and MS)  in Geography, Minors: Urban Planning, Political Science; Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University Bonn, Germany, 2009

Research Interests

Volunteered Geographic Information, Pedestrian Routing, OpenStreetMap, Location Based Services, Web Mapping

Recent Publications

  • Zielstra, Dennis Willem Gustave. (2014). “ASSESSING THE QUALITY, SUITABILITY AND USABILITY OF USER GENERATED CONTENT FOR ROUTING APPLICATIONS”. Dissertation, Gainesville, Fla: University of Florida. PDF.
Papers in peer-reviewed journals:
Full papers in peer-reviewed conference proceedings:
  • Hochmair, H.H., and Zielstra, D. (2013). Development and Completeness of Points Of Interest in Free and Proprietary Data Sets: A Florida Case Study. In Jekel, T., A. Car, G. Griesebner and J. Strobl (Eds.), GI_Forum 2013. Creating the GISociety (pp. 39-48). Berlin: Wichmann.
  • Hochmair, H. H., Zielstra, D., and Neis, P. (2013). Assessing the Completeness of Bicycle Trails and Designated Lane Features in OpenStreetMap for the United States and Europe. Proceedings of Transportation Research Board – 92nd Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C. Transportation Research Board of the National Academies.
  • Hochmair, H.H., and Zielstra, D. (2012). Positional Accuracy of Flickr and Panoramio Images in Europe. In Jekel, T., A. Car, G. Griesebner and J. Strobl (Eds.), GI_Forum 2012: Geovisualization, Society and Learning (pp. 14-23). Berlin: Wichmann. PDF
Short papers in peer-reviewed conference proceedings:
Articles in non-refereed journals:
EDIS publications:
  • Hochmair, H. H. and Zielstra, D. (2011). An Introduction to Freely Available Street Network Data (#FOR281). University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. Available at:
Conference presentations:
  • Zielstra, D. and Neis, P. (2014). Where are the US mappers at? Contributor and Data Development in US Urbanized Areas. State of the Map US 2014, Washington D.C., USA. Link
  • Zielstra, D., Neis, P. and Hochmair, H. H. (2012). How Beneficial are Data Imports to OpenStreetMap: A U.S. Case Study. State of the Map US 2012, Portland, OR, USA. Link
  • Zielstra, D. (2011) Analyzing Accessibility of Transit Stations Using Free and Commercial Geodata, ESRI User Conference, San Diego, CA. PDF


  • University of Florida CALS Outstanding International Student Award (2013)
  • UF/SFRC Outstanding Geomatics PhD Student (2013)
  • Grinter Fellowship Award (2010-2011)

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