AGILE 2013
WORKSHOP: Action and Interaction in Volunteered Geographic Information (ACTIVITY)
About the Workshop

The pre-AGILE 2013 workshop Action and Interaction in Volunteered Geographic Information (ACTIVITY) was held in Leuven, Belgium in May 2013.

The amount and variety of Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) is growing rapidly. There are many different VGI sources (e.g. OpenStreetMap, Wikimapia, Panoramio, GeoNames) addressing different types of spatially-explicit as well as spatially-implicit content, being collected by voluntary people. Some of these sources involve active participation (e.g. editing map features in OSM) while others require more passive modes of participation (e.g. enabling geolocation in Twitter feeds). The growing trend to ubiquitous data collection results in massive datasets, waiting to get leveraged by a continuously growing number of emerging applications such as wildfire tracking, volunteer response coordination during natural disasters or road navigation. The collective intelligence formed by the collaboration or competition among its individual members of VGI communities is unique. Analysing VGI datasets is one of the domain's currently hottest research topics. Only a small amount of research has been carried out into the behaviour of VGI communities. How do such communities evolve? What are their patterns of contribution? Are such communities a single large collaborating ecosystem of data and information generators or are communities acting within smaller networks or cliques of groups working collectively? How do contribution patterns influence the outcome?

This workshop brought together leading researchers in this domain to discuss relevant questions in the context of action and interaction of VGI communities. It is directed at social and information scientists by addressing behavioural as well as technical questions.


Participants in the ACTIVITY submited short papers addressing their ongoing research work in some of the above mentioned topics. The short papers were reviewed and selected for a paper presentation during the workshop. The papers presented either a finished work, a work in progress, or development of methodologies, software, concepts in the area of ACTIVITIY. There was also some cross disciplinary work. Contributions ranged from researchers including senior researchers and PhD students.

The proceedings are published online, open access, on the ACTIVITY Website proceedings page.