Extension: Environmental Horticulture

Programs at FLREC play a major role in helping Florida's multi-billion dollar-a-year plant industry meet the recreational and environmental demands of Florida residents. Environmentally safe management and conservation practices all directly enhance these industries.

The Turfgrass Science program holds a Field Day and Turfgrass Exposition each year in March.  Information is provided on best management practices for residential lawns and golf course greens.

The Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center is home to a Trial Garden site.  The primary purpose of the Trial Garden is to do research as well as support teaching and extension programs.  Our goal is to provide uniased evaluations of bedding plant cultivar perfomance in South Florida.  Plants are evaluated monthly for plant height, width, flower number, and quality.  This data will be posted in this site along with pictures of each cultivar.

On a irregular basis, the Palm Research and Extension Team provides a 2-day workshop on Landscape Palm Management.  Information on palm anatomy, phisiological problems, nutrition diseases, pests, transplanting and pruning is emphasized.  to be added to the list for future announcements, contact Dr. Monica Elliott at melliott@ufl.edu