Dr. Travis Shaddox

Assistant Professor, Turfgrass

Dr. Travis Shaddox develops best management practices for the lawn, golf, sport turf, and sod industries.  Dr. Shaddox collaborates with other UF scientists as well researchers at other institutions to evaluate new turf varieties, turfgrass nutrition, and disease prevention.  Many of his projects focus on enhancing environmental quality and reducing costs of turfgrass nutrition programs by increasing nutrient use efficiencies through reduction, elimination and/or replacement of certain nutrient sources.

Professional Experience:

Dr. Shaddox worked in private industry for 10 years before returning to academia.  During his time in private industry, he managed sport turf in south Florida (2004), conducted field trials for manufactures prior to product registration (2005-2007), and led a sales team responsible for distribution of turfgrass chemicals, fertilizers and seed (2007-2013).  Through his industry experience, Dr. Shaddox has developed a research program that focuses on reducing costs and maximizes margins by reducing inputs, which leads to a reduction in environmental impacts.




Assistant Professor, Turfgrass