Dr. Travis Shaddox

Research: Turfgrass

Current Funded Projects:

  • Nitrogen Required by Established and Newly Sodded Bermudagrass Using Urea or Polymer-Coated Urea. 2016-2018.
  • Nitrogen Leaching from Reclaimed Water Applied to Lawns, Sprayfields, and Rapid Infiltration Basins. 2016-2019.
  • Evaluation of Plant Promoting Rhizobacteria Applied to St. Augustinegrass. 2016-2017.
  • Influence of Colored Sands on Canopy Temperature and Turf Quality of Bermudagrass Putting Greens in Florida During Winter Months. 2016-2017.
  • Best Management Practices Guide and Template for the Golf Course Management Industry. 2016.
  • Evaluation of Various Fertilizer/Herbicide Formulations on Weed Control and St. Augustinegrass Response. 2016.
  • Program Approach to Tropical Signalgrass Control. 2016.
  • St. Augustinegrass Tolerance to Indaziflam. 2016.
  • Tifeagle Leaf Spot Control Using Various Fungicide Programs. 2016.
  • St. Augustinegrass Response to Fe, Mn, and Mg Sources. 2015-2016.
  • Bermudagrass Response to Increasing Rates of Chelated Micronutrients. 2015.
  • Bermudagrass Response to Fe Sources. 2015.

Associate Professor, Turfgrass