Dr. Nan-Yao Su

Distinguished Professor, Urban Entomology.

Dr. Nan-Yao Su is recognized nationally and internationally as an authority on termites and is known for his innovative approach for their population management.  He authored and co-authored over 260 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on termite biology and control.  His studies on the population ecology of subterranean termites and slow-acting toxicants led to the development of a baiting system for population control of these cryptic pests.  The laboratory screening criteria and field procedures he designed has been used worldwide for development of new bait products as well as their confirmation of field efficacy.  Commercialized as the Sentricon system, it has been marketed in 18 countries since 1995 to protect over three million homes, and reduced pesticide use by > 9,000 metric tons. The system has also been used widely to protect historic monuments including the Statue of Liberty.  Due to its safety features, the Sentricon system received the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award by the U.S. EPA.  Dr. Su has served as a technical advisor relating to termite issues for foreign governments such as New Zealand, China, and Vietnam.  In 2009, he established the Nan-Yao Su Award for Innovation and Creativity in Entomology of Entomological Society of America.




Urban Entomology