Where on the palm are the symptoms/problems appearing?

Leaves (canopy)

Entire Canopy (most or all leaves):

Most severe on oldest (lowest) leaves:

Affecting youngest leaves only:

      1. Spear leaf (youngest unopened leaf) discolored or collapsed
      2. No new leaves emerging
      3. New leaves chlorotic
      4. New leaves reduced in size, but older leaves full-sized
      5. New leaves have sharply hooked leaflet tips
      6. Spear (and often other new leaves) fail to open normally
      7. Transverse puckering or transverse translucent streaking on leaflets

Flowers and Fruits

      1. Flower stalks are necrotic; look for other symptoms to separate deficiency from disease
      2. Premature nut drop in Cocos nucifera (all the nuts drop at once)
      3. Premature fruit drop in Phoenix species (and other LY susceptible palms besides coconuts)


      1. Gummy sap flowing from trunk; usually discolored (“bleeding”)
      2. Holes in trunk
      3. Longitudinal splitting of trunk
      4. Tapering of trunk near the top (pencil-pointing)
      5. Shriveling of trunk
      6. Fungal conk (basidiocarp) present on lower trunk
      7. Trunk collapses on itself; trunk rotted at point of collpase
      8. Leaf canopy falls off trunk
      9. Outer “bark” of trunk sloughs or peels off