Ant anatomy


The 3 main body regions of insects are the head, thorax, and abdomen. In ants, the abdomen is subdivided into the propodeum, which is attached to the thorax, and the metasoma, comprised of the waist (which in this case, is the petiole with one node) and the gaster (the enlarged portion that appears as the abdomen proper).


Hind leg of an ant. At the end of the pre-tarsus is a tarsal claw. 



These two photos show different viewing angles of a carpenter ant head. The top picture shows the 2 mandibles. The bottom picture shows the 3 ocelli.



Bigheaded ant with epinotal or propodeal spine on propodeum, and waist (pedicel) with 2 nodes (petiole and post-petiole).


Bigheaded ant (minor worker) with last 3 antennal segments enlarged to form a club.